May 142013

Now’s the time to say goodbye….

Sadly the pressures of work and time have meant that we cannot now continue our interview show.

Thank you so much to all the fascinating people we have been lucky to interview.

The biggest thanks goes to you, our listeners.

Until we meet again….. keep it reasonable.

Jan 192013

In this episode I talk to author John Rachel about his writing career and extensive traveling. We also discuss the changes and problems we have seen in America during the last decade and how they compare to other countries across the globe.

Cape Reason – Episode 22

You can find out more about John Rachel by visiting:

The John Rachel Amazon Page

John’s Blog (

Dec 122012

This week we interview Carlos Diaz, president of Atheist Alliance International.

Cape Reason – Episode 20

Atheist Alliance International’s vision is a secular world where public policy, scientific inquiry and education are not influenced by religious beliefs, but based upon sound reasoning, rationality and evidence.

Atheist Alliance International’s mission is to challenge and confront religious faith, to strengthen global atheism by promoting the growth and interaction of atheist/freethought organizations around the world and to undertake international educational and advocacy projects.

You can also help with the work of Atheist Alliance International by taking part in the Atheist Census.

Aug 302012

That’s right, we’re back!!!

After a long hiatus the Cape Reason team are back with a second season and we kick of with a great guest, Jerry DeWitt, Executive Director of Recovering From Religion and the first graduate of the Clergy Project. Jerry tells us all about his life experiences and the wonderful projects he is now helping to build.

Cape Reason: Episode Eighteen

You can find more about the projects mentioned at:

Recovering From Religion
The Secular Therapy Project
The Clergy Project

Dec 272011

Yes, we are back! After a pause for a couple of months, Cape Reason is back and will be bringing you regular interviews throughout 2012.

In this episode we interview Jacob Kramer, Vice President of Outreach for the National Atheist Party.

Cape Reason: Episode 15

You can visit their site at to find out more.

To view the Honey Badger mentioned in the interview click here!

Oct 102011

In this episode you can hear part two of our interview with Todd Stiefel, Founder and President of the Stiefel Freethought Foundation.

Cape Reason: Episode 14

Todd Stiefel lives in Raleigh, NC. He is a Secular Humanist, an Atheist, and full-time Freethought activist. Todd serves as an adviser to many of the top non-theistic organizations. He has given over $3.5 million dollars to charities in the Freethought Movement.

Todd’s activism was featured in a front page article in the Raleigh News & Observer. He has been seen on the Christian Broadcasting Network and has been quoted in the New York Times and Church & State. His is a Humanist Celebrant and the co-host of the Humanist Hour podcast.