Mar 242011

At long last we have begun recording the new Cape Reason Podcast from Wilmington North Carolina and here is our first episode, featuring an interview with HFCF founder Suzanna G. and a piece by Mike Werner entitled “What Is Humanism?”

Cape Reason – Episode 1

We are still ironing out a few kinks with sound quality, but hope you enjoy our show and it should be the first of many to come!

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Happy Listening!


  5 Responses to “Cape Reason: Episode 1 – Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear”

  1. I’ve just finished listening to your great 1st podcast. Congratulations on a job well done! Wonderful to listen to Elaine, Han, Susanne and Suzanna. Thanks to all of you.

  2. Super! Great Job! The voices were excellent. Elaine is so articulate & welcoming in her tone
    & The interview w/Han & Suzanna was a delight! It should fall amiably upon the the ears of doubters & “friendly inquisitors”. Congratulations!!
    KEYWORDS: Spring ! Rebirth, Renewal & Resurrection of REASON !!

  3. Super!! Delightful Inaugural Effort! Elaine is so articulate & welcoming in her tone. The interview portion with Han & Suzanna will fall amiably on the ears of doubting or friendly inquisitors.

    Key words: Spring !!! Rebirth ~ Renewal ~ Resurrection of Reason ~~


  4. What a wonderful kickoff! First, the music is great, a very tasteful intro to the show in my opinion. The discussion was also very interesting, it is great to know we are not alone here in the bible belt :-).
    I do have a couple questions. First, I subscribe to a number of secular and skeptical podcasts on iTunes, and I was wondering if I could find this podcast there. It would be terrific getting an update podcast as soon as you guys post a new one.
    Also, I am very curious to see the direction you guys take with the show. There are so many interesting topics to discuss within humanism, and I am very interested what goals you intend on accomplishing with the podcast. It would be good to know what to expect in the long run.
    Thank you so much for providing this wonderful, much needed content.

    Wishing you all the best


  5. Great, really great! I enjoyed it all and was so impressed with all our talented contributors to this first podcast. I am so happy to be a part of HFCF, an awesome bunch of folks.

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